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Flirting with French: How a Language Charmed Me, Seduced Me, and Nearly Broke My Heart

ISBN#: 9781616200206

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By William Alexander.

"A delightful and courageous tale and a romping good read. "Voila!"" --Mark Greenside, author of "I'll Never Be French (No Matter What I Do)" William Alexander is setting out to master the Art of French Speaking. In this entertaining amble through the French language and its colorful history, through linguistics and brain science, what Alexander discovers while "not" learning French is its own reward. "A blend of passion and neuroscience, this literary love affair offers surprising insights into the human brain and the benefits of learning a second language. Reading William Alexander's book is akin to having an MRI of the soul." --Laura Shaine Cunningham, author of "Sleeping Arrangements" "Reading "Flirting with French "motivates me to continue courting the language, no matter how often I'm stood up midsentence!" --Kristen Espinasse, author of "Words in a French Life" "Alexander proves that learning a new language is an adventure of its own--with all the unexpected obstacles, surprising breakthroughs, and moments of sublime pleasure that traveling brings." --Julie Barlow, author of "Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong" "Wry and warmhearted . . . A charming memoir by a passionate Francophile." --"Kirkus Reviews"

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